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Personal Injury Lawyer For Submitting A Claim For Injury Due To A Bicycle Accident

You have fallen victim to a bicycle accident and there is an injury? Do you want to have your damage compensated? If the collision was caused by another road user, you can probably get financial compensation. their personal injury specialists provide legal assistance to victims of bicycle accidents. With the best lawyers, you can actually come up with the best choices and get rid of the claim issues.

We file a claim with the liable party and we provide legal advice on how to recover your damaged or that of your loved one. We guide their clients through the entire personal injury procedure, from A to Z. their personal injury attorneys are only satisfied when you have received what you are entitled to full personal injury compensation. You can go for the injury lawyer near me now.

Am I Entitled To Compensation?

Cyclists are considered to be weak road users and are therefore also extra-legally protected. An accident between a cyclist and a motorized vehicle such as a car, motorcycle, tram or bus can result in serious bodily injury. Common injuries are ankle fracture, wrist fracture, and scarring. If the counterparty has made a mistake and is therefore liable, you are very likely to be entitled to full compensation for your damage. With the best lawyer, you can actually come up with the best choices and get rid of the claim issues.

Are You Also To Blame For The Accident?


Even if the cyclist is to blame for the accident, it may be possible that the cyclist will be compensated for his or her damage or part thereof. So it is always worthwhile to contact their personal injury office. their specialists are fully aware of all important regulations in order to provide you with good legal assistance. The use of the law firm comes perfectly there.

Tips For Injury Victims Of Bicycle Accidents

  1. try to take (or have taken) photos of the accident. Leave your bike and the other vehicle and do not move them until pictures are taken,
  2. Call the police or fill in the claim form together with the counterparty.
  3. Ensure that the claim form is completed legibly and accurately,
  4. Both parties must sign the claim form,
  5. Write down names, address details and telephone numbers of any witnesses,
  6. If you have any complaints, go to your doctor or the hospital’s emergency immediately,

What Damage Can I Claim In A Bicycle Accident?

If liability for your personal injury is recognized, your full damage must be compensated. This means that not only all extra costs due to an accident (including medical costs, costs for household help, damage to clothing and bicycle, etc.), but also lost income and pain money must be paid. Choose the best law firms for solutions to such problems.

Would You Like To File A Claim For Compensation And Receive Compensation For Your Injury?

To receive compensation for your damage, the counterparty, usually, an insurer must first be held liable. The research will be conducted into who can be blamed.

If the counterparty acknowledges the liability, the claim settlement will commence. In this phase, it is necessary to investigate the medical and financial consequences of which the victim is confronted by the accident. Do you want to know more about claiming damages? Provide good and expert legal assistance. The interests are great and you are dealing with professional counterparties. The best attorney offers the perfect solutions in this case.

Free Personal Injury Lawyer In The Utrecht Region?

We don’t work for anything. The Fair is fair. But hiring their lawyers does not have to cost you anything. If liability for your personal injury is recognized, the counterparty must also reimburse the attorney’s fees.

Did you know that AHL personal injury lawyers also work pro bono? We offer funded legal aid to help all victims of accidents.

Free Legal Advice Personal Injury? Get In Touch Now.

You have damage due to a bicycle accident and you want compensation for your injury. Get in touch with us. their team of personal injury experts is ready. The best attorneys offer perfect solutions in this case.

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