During this time, our area was experiencing a time of extreme political, social, and economic internal struggle. Despite this, we grew during difficult decades and managed to evolve becoming one of the most prestigious firms in the country. Today, the firm has a team of more than 35 members, many of them recognized as the most reputable lawyers in their area of ​​practice. Our success is the product of a collective and plural exercise, contrary to a traditional hierarchical structure; In other words, we form a dynamic team, in which collaboration and teamwork prevail. We encourage continuous growth at a professional and personal level without neglecting the achievement of our business objectives.

We consider innovation as one of the fundamental characteristics that distinguishes it from its competitors. Our different sense of innovation implies entering areas that are unknown in light of Colombian law, overcoming obstacles, and never accepting that a denial or obstacle prevents us from fulfilling our mission. When the current framework does not offer us the necessary guarantees to protect the interests of our clients, we turn to international bodies to achieve the desired result.